Partnership program

For the purpose of business development, the internet platform «AttoTrade» provides special partnership program for attracting new clients.

If you have your web-site or one other Internet resource, you can earn some additional profit by informing other people about the internet platform «AttoTrade».

The partner's profit will amount 20 (twenty) per cent of daily income of the invited client.

How to become a member?

Very simple! Become a member of the program can be anyone, for that you need to register in the system, get "affiliate code" (issued automatically after registration) and you're ready to go.

How to register partner?

- register your parnter with unique referral link in view of: , that presents on a client's account main page.

- or specify the unique personal partner’s code during the registration process.

Visually, the affiliate program is presented in the account of each client «AttoTrade» in the form of a table, where you can clearly see how much and from whom from newly attracted customers generated additional income.

Important! It is not allowed to register as new participants anybody else from the client's PC or his (her) IP-address. Misusing of the partnership program will cause adverse legal effect.

Important! It is not allowed to attract new clients by usage of mass mailing (SPAM). That can cause adverse legal effect.


Any questions about the affiliate program «AttoTrade» можно submit here.

Sign in «AttoTrade» here.

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