About Project «AttoTrade»

The internet platform «AttoTrade» is a unique financial product developed by the UK company Attomantum Ltd, with aim of indirect investing in an automated stock trading - mainly binary options and short-term futures.

The «AttoTrade» is ready to use and ultimately convenient saving strategy, the clear investment plan that allows not only to receive guaranteed and agreed income, but also to provide absolute investment protection to all its clients.

Working with the internet platform «AttoTrade» does not require any special knowledge. A client makes a voluntary decision concerning the amount of investments and its terms. The «AttoTrade» does not set limits for its clients neither for the amounts of invested assets nor for the time.

How does it work?

A client of the «AttoTrade» (an individual or a company) opens their private account with the «AttoTrade» (the opening procedure takes no longer than a minute) thereby automatically becoming an investor. Then an investor credits an account with money thus creating the main saving account which immediately begins to accrue fixed income on daily basis (1% every 24 hours). After 24 hours an income starts to be credited to the saving account automatically and become available to withdraw (the deposit capitalization).

The «AttoTrade» client may withdraw the amount from saving account totally or partly at any moment by his choice, or vise versa - to credit the account. In case of multiple credit and debit transactions the daily income is added to the amount that actually stayed within a client's account within 24 hours.

All funds accepted from its clients the internet platform «AttoTrade» places at its trader accounts. Every day these funds are used by Attomantum Ltd for conducting trading operations.

Regardless of the trade operations outcome, each client of the internet platform «AttoTrade» daily receives 1 (one) per cent of the total account value.

The account opening process, as well as account credit or withdrawal are carried out immediately with payment systems (by client's choice):

«Perfect Money», the leader in instant electronic transfers (for details please visit the web site perfectmoney.is)

«Payeer», system of electronic wallets, which allows to use bank cards and other modern electronic currencies as a payments (for details please visit the web site  payeer.com)

«Advanced Cash», universal system of global payments (for details please visit the web site advcash.com)

For the purpose of its services Internet promotion, the internet platform «AttoTrade» provides a special partnership program for attracting new clients.

Answers to the most frequent questions about working with the internet platform «AttoTrade» could be found in FAQ section, while your own question could be asked via contact form.

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